Entry #20

John's Arm: Armageddon

2009-05-30 19:58:46 by Knoxfan25

I love this movie! Go buy it today in the Newgrounds Store, it's probably one of the funniest animated films I've seen. Matty Boy Anderson is a really funny and witty writter and a very good animator. The voice acting is top notch as well. I cannot urge you enough, go buy this movie.

Image Copyright Mike the Pod 2009

John's Arm: Armageddon


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2009-06-24 11:47:03

I'll be sure to check this movie out man!
dude its been ages since we last spoke on skype !
you see my new cartoon?
well talk to ya later bro

Knoxfan25 responds:

Loved it, you never seem to be on skype anymore what gives? :(


2009-08-25 13:51:23

Hey man, thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated!

Knoxfan25 responds:

Thanks for making such an awesome movie. Keep up the great work.